Warping My Jack Loom
for a doubleweave blanket using Bartlett wool
Sett: 6epi (sleyed double at 12 epi)

My method is based on my reading of Deb Chandler's Introduction to Weaving and Cay Garrett's Warping All By Yourself and on a wonderful class I took with Tom Knisley at The Mannings. Click on the first picture and follow the arrows for instructions and slide show.

warp1 warp2 warp3 warp4
warp1.jpg warp2.jpg warp3.jpg warp4.jpg
warp5 warp6 warp7 warp8
warp5.jpg warp6.jpg warp7.jpg warp8.jpg
warp9 warp10 warp11 weave

warp11.jpg weave.jpg
weaving done.jpg